Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Welcome December!

I apologize for not posting for so long, but I have been quite ill.  However, I am feeling much better, and I am full of the Christmas and Winter spirit!  Unlike many people, I actually like winter!  The weather forecast for today calls for some snow flurries later today - hurray!  Our first snow!  It would be a welcome change from the absolute deluge of rain that we have been receiving yesterday and so far today.

Anyway, I am doing a show this weekend, and then -- let the holiday decorating begin!  I am frantically completing my last minute "Treasures" for my show, but I wanted to share with you some precious vintage Christmas images.


Sleep In Heavenly Peace

   Yummies for the Tummies!

Let's Have A Tea Party

            Jolly Kitties!

            Of Course, Some Christmas Robins!

I think this card is absolutely precious! It reminds me of a very special Christmas card that my grandparents sent to me long ago.  I will tell you more about it in an upcoming post.

That's all for now.  Be well and Happy!  By the way, I came across a very unique and cool Blog yesterday.  It is called "My Best Thing Today".

People submit illustrated postcards which tell the story of what their best thing that day was.  It is really interesting to read and look at -- check it out.  I would love to submit a post there, but I can't draw to save my life. 

Tell me what your best thing today was.  No artwork required!