Monday, August 23, 2010

Summertime Sunflowers

Summer is drawing to a close.  The neighborhood kids went back to school today.  I am dreaming of Autumn, my favorite time of year.  Bring me the pumpkins, the acorns, the crisp nights, football, craft shows, colorful mums, Halloween -- I love it all.  We are not quite there yet, however.  I don't decorate for fall until after Sept. 1st. 
One thing always makes me smile in August.  Beautiful sunflowers.  They are like happy faces warming themselves in the sun.  When I was driving to the Shaker Woods Crafts Festival in Columbiana, Ohio last year, I came upon a number of sunflower farms with hundreds of acres of gorgeous sunflowers.  Here are some photos to make you smile.

                   The Happy Triplets!



                      Check out the Bees.

           A little Color Select Studio Twist --

Until next time -- Be Well and Happy -- Robin

Sunday, August 22, 2010

A List Of Some Great Craft Blogs/Websites and My First Free Vintage Images

As promised, I have compiled yet another lengthy list of great blogs and/or websites that I have found during countless hours of scouring the internet for inspirations for the perfect crafts to make and sell, and also for affirmation that I am not alone in my addictions to fabric, rubber stamps, paper punches, vintage linens, antique teacups, vintage handkerchiefs and gloves, vintage earrings, ......hmmmmm.... what else is bulging out of my drawers?  Oh, it's too much to think about at 2:30 am.  Ha ha. I am happy to report that I am about 2/3 of the way finished with reorganizing and redecorating my sewing room, and I will post photos when that project is complete.  The problem is that, most of my fabric does not fit in the sewing room, so it is in many other rooms.  Ugggggg.  A problem for another day.

On to the list.  In no particular order may I present these fine ladies and a couple of gentlemen:   (Great free printables, DIY Crafts)   (Features hundreds of great tutorials from other blogs as well as its own.  It is fast becoming one of my favorites)  (Be sure to check out the posts for the best 100 tutorials of 2008 and 2009)  (Fabulous assortment of tutorial links)    (Again great tutorial links)    (This is her old Blog, but it still has great stuff in the archives)    (This is her new Blog)    (A directory of craft tutorials)   (Take some time to really look through her site at her incredible dolls, they will blow you away!  She is so talented.  The faces on her characters are so animated it is unlike anything I have ever seen.)  (They have some great free downloads too)

These blogs are also helpful with information about marketing your crafts:   (Very good source of information)

Well, clearly this list will get longer, and I will have to break it up into possible 3 or 4 lists by subcategories, but for now, there she is.  It is just amazing how much information and talent there is out there in the world, and I have only scratched the surface.   

Instead of closing with my usual robin image, I am going to close with two copyright free images that I downloaded earlier today from blogs listed in my earlier post.  I am sorry, but I forgot to write down the blog that the girl with the cat came from, but I will be more diligent about giving credit in the future.  The girl with the bird is courtesy of  So, it is now after 3:30 am, and I must go to sleep, so, until next time, be Well and Happy.