Friday, February 4, 2011

The Four Little Kittens Have Lost Their Mittens But Mamma's Got a Hot New Pair of Shoes

Today we saw something that we haven't seen much of lately -- the SUN!!!
The glorious sun!!  This time of year can be so gloomy, and it was wonderful to feel the warm sunshine on my face.  Cats love the sunny spot in the window too.  Here are some pictures of my Henry Frank II and Bunny and my sister's Pumpkin and Muffin.
The ever-handsome Henri Francois!

Bunny is playing hide and go seek in the couch!

Pumpkin a/k/a the "Bumble Bee" is having a major catnip seizure!

Muffin is just chillin' on some wrapping paper.

But wait, some of the kittens have lost their mittens!!

Don't worry, all 4 kitties are safe and warm inside their respective houses.  If only I could get rid of these winter boots and wear real shoes for a change.

I recently discovered the wonderful clothing website ModCloth, and it has a fabulous assortment of clothing and shoes.
Just this morning I was lusting for several pairs of their very unusual, trendy shoes that I have never seen the likes of before, however, they were all over $125.  Ouch.  So, even though I was not looking for shoes today, I happened to be at Marshall's and I immediately spied this pair of fabulous goodies.  No sooner did I get them on my feet, and a lady came over and said -- They look awesome on you, you have to buy them!  Well, given that they were only $25, I felt obligated to give in to my temptation.  So, here they are, complete with the purple stockings that I also bought at Marshall's for $3.

I know they're not red shoes, but, Dorothy, eat your heart out!

"Everyone notices nice shoes.  They are like windows to the soul."
                      Natasha Hamilton (British Pop Singer)

Until next time, Be Well and Happy!