Saturday, August 21, 2010

More Free Vintage Image Download Sites

For those of you who have been interested in vintage image downloads, I wanted to let you know that my obsession continues, and I have found an additional 10 great blogs/sites for us to drool over!  I have edited my earlier post to add them to the top of the list, under the Graphics Fairy.  I hope to start posting some of my own downloads soon for the few people out there in cyberspace who read this Blog.  I really appreciate you!  Please leave some comments and become Followers!  I promise to become a more active Blogger. 

Henry Frank is sound asleep on the bed beside me.  He does not think that Halloween vintage digital downloads are very interesting.  I bought an organic catnip toy at a great store called the Wildcard yesterday that I thought would put he and Bunny in a coma!  Surprisingly, neither one of them was interested in playing with it.  Bummer.  $8 down the drain. 

Until next time .....Be well and Happy.


  1. Thanks for stopping by, I am follower number #5. I can't believe your cats didn't like their treats unless Henry is your husband LOL. I have one that likes catnip and one that does not. I have been much more successful at the mall then on line. I am in Shabby Lane Shoppes, it is an online mall. The most important thing if you rent a booth is location and the traffic the store receives. If you want to increase your followers, just visit blogs that you like, follow them, and then leave your comment and add "I am your newest follower" If you get a chance I am a blog newbie, and i would love for you to stop by. Most people will stop by and follow and you will be off and running. Good luck


  2. Hello Robin ! thank you soooo much for your lovely comment on my blog, it makes my day ! I will visit yours longer during the coming week as today is awfully busy ! Wish you a great Sunday and hugs to the kitten :-)