Saturday, January 29, 2011

Welcome 2011 and Free Valentine's Day Downloads

Yes, this post is about one month late, but after a couple of weeks of illness, and a week in the hospital, I am finally back to blogging.  You may have noticed that I have added some new blogs to my "Favorites" list.  I will most likely be adding some more, as well as updating my lists of favorite craft sites and best sites for downloading free images. 

I have resurrected a love for yarn!  I have crocheted for many years of my life, however, not lately.  So, I gathered up the crochet hooks and started on some new projects.  I also am going to be taking knitting lessons, which I have wanted to do for years.  Alas -- Another obsession -- YARN!  I have managed to control myself so far, but once I learn how to knit, I may not be able to resist all of the gorgeous yarns out there!  I already have my "Intermediate" and "Advanced" knitting projects lined up!  However, I suspect that many "Beginner" projects will have to be completed by these hands of mine before I can move up a level!

I have many goals this year which I will talk about as we go.  I would love to buy a new camera and learn how to take beautiful photos.  Time will tell.  I promise to post soon.  I have not bee very good about that, but this is a new year!
Enjoy some Valentine's Day Downloads, many of which are courtesy of the Graphics Fairy!

Be Well and Happy!

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