Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"Bright Wings" Poem -- The Tufted Titmouse

The ever spry and agile Tufted Titmouse is always entertaining to watch in my back yard.  He is an acrobat, going up and down trees -- forward and backward, sideways and cross ways -- whatever it takes to get his dinner.  While at the bird feeder he is equally skilled at maneuvering to get his meal.  Not only does he make me laugh, he is also a handsome bird with his little topper on his head and pretty belly. 

According to the book "Bright Wings", the name Titmouse dates back to the fourteenth century from the Old English words mase, which meant "bird", and tit which meant something small.  In Great Britain,  Great Tits and Blue Tits were reported to have broken open the foil caps of milk bottles, delivered to doorsteps, to drink the cream!  What little devils!

And now to our poem........

   If you would happy company win,
  Dangle a palm-nut from a tree,
  Idly in green to sway and spin,
  Its snow-pulped kernel for bait; and see
      A nimble titmouse enter in.

  Out of earth's vast unknown of air,
  Out of all summer from wave to wave,
  He'll perch, and prank his feathers fair, 
  Jangle a glass-clear wildering stave,
      And take his commons there--

  This tiny son of life; this spright,
  By monentary Human sought,
  Plume will his wing in the dappling light,
  Clash timbrel shrill and gay --
  And into time's enormous nought,
        Sweet-fed, will flit away.

            --Walter De La Mare

So dance like a Titmouse in the Woods today as if you had not a care in the world -- Flit about  -- Strut your plumage -- You are an awesome creature!

As Always -- Be Well and Happy!


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  1. my God, that book was a steal!
    The pictures are glorious. I never find anything like that at our Goodwill.
    Maybe my timing is not right.
    We love birds and feed them twice a day.
    They give us so much pleasure.
    We had male robins passing thru here the 2nd week of January, lots of them and I don,t know where they came from or where they went.
    It was way too early for them and I am still worried about them.
    Have a great Sunday,