Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Tribute To The Iris - Free Vintage Iris Botanical Images

I will save the apologies for being absent from blogging for so long. Suffice it to say that life has been quite chaotic. Hopefully things are going to be somewhat calmer now for a while. I have many treasures to share with you and I would love to attract some new followers as well as to please and surprise my loyal current followers!

I have come across a treasure trove of websites with botanical images. One of them is Vintage Printable, which has many vintage images, not just botanical images.

On the Vintage Printable site I found some wonderful vintage french botanical images from 1620 which are very unusual. They are featured in this post and will also be included in another post. I feature the iris images in this post.

Some interesting bits of history on the Iris. In ancient Greek times, the Greek Goddess Iris was the messenger of the Gods and the personification of the rainbow. It was believed that she acted as the link between heaven and earth and guided women on their journey to the Elysian Fields. Purple Irises were planted over the graves of women to summon the Goddess to guide the dead in their journey.

The Iris has been the symbol of France as far back as the 6th Century A.D. It became known as the "fleur-de-lis", or the flower of Louis, in honor of the kings of France.

More botanical images to come. Dreaming of beautiful flowers (after the end of the freeze warnings!). Be well and happy!



  1. Hi, thank you for sharing these images and for the vintage image list you shared a while back. I wanted to ask if you by chance remember where you found the adorable little bird image in your banner above? Thank you so much!

  2. Thanks for your comment Cassandra. The bird image in my banner was custom made for me by an artist on