Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Monumental Night

Last night, or rather very early this morning, I spoke about a friend of mine who was going to have a very special day.  Last night (since it is now after midnight), my friend  Patrick graduated with honors from Washington High School in Washington, PA.  As I said yesterday, I have been friends with his parents for over 25 years, and I met his mother in college.  I have loved Patrick and his little sister Megan since the days that they were born -- with all of my heart.  They are easy to love -- they are wonderful, delightful kids.  They are talented, smart, with great senses of humor, and are amazingly down to earth.  They are kind, generous people.  I am proud to be a part of their extended family. There is no doubt that Patrick is his father's boy.  When he was born, it looked like someone took his Dad's head and shrunk it down to a tiny version and put it on Patrick's body.  We all laughed hysterically, the resemblance was so uncanny. 

Since his Dad is a pilot we wondered if he would follow in his footsteps and fly the friendly skies.  As you can see, he even had a bit of early training.    But, alas, his talents led him in a different direction.

Here is Patrick at his graduation ceremony.  

Here are his parents and his sister Megan who just finished 6th grade with straight A's.

Here I am with Patrick.

It was a wonderful night for everyone.  Patrick is headed for Slippery Rock University where he will major in Music -- Voice -- and I believe that he will follow in his very talented Mother - Nancy's -  footsteps one day and become a music educator.  We are so excited for football season to see Patrick in marching band since our longtime college friend Jim Berry is a Music Professor and the Marching Band Director at Slippery Rock.  Nancy, Jim, and I and many, many other great friends share tons of fantastic memories of our college and marching band days at IUP -- Indiana University of Pennsylvania.  (Many years ago).  Ha ha.   I'm sure that there will be more stories of Patrick and Megan in the months to come.  This is a wonderful, exciting time for him.  

So Patrick, some parting words -- Do what you love -- Love what you do --  Soak it all in -- Get to know as many different kinds of people as you can.  Work hard every day and take pride in your work.  Love many women, but treat them all like queens.  Keep your heart and mind open.  Always keep love and laughter in your heart and soul.  Thank God every day for your health and your fantastic family and friends.  Always take time to be kind, it only takes a few extra seconds or minutes.  Most of all, be kind to yourself, you deserve it.  Don't let anyone put you down.  Never forget that I have loved you and Megan since the days you were born and I will love you both until the end of time. 

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